The Crochet Community is so Cozy!

I must proclaim: I love crochet and I love the great big cozy global crochet community.

I’ve been wanting to post about how great the online crochet community is for a while now. Maybe it’s something about crochet that makes people warm and cozy –whatever it is– the crochet community is great.

There are so many wonderful people out there crocheting, blogging about it, posting patterns, posting helpful tips and tutorials, pinning all things crochet. It’s like a giant global family.

A great example of this is Attic24‘s (UK) granny buntings for Yarndale. It was such a beautiful concept. Having people contribute granny buntings (which she designed and posted a detailed pattern for) so she could sew them all together for the event. She got submissions from all over the world! Thousands of buntings poured in!

I really wanted to participate, but by the time I came across the post, it was too late for me to make a submission (I didn’t have enough time to get it done and sent in). But I just adored the concept.

Here are a few of her articles – check out the pictures, it’s all so gorgeous.
Granny bunting for Yarndale
The Yarndale 2013 Granny Bunting

A great big thanks and shout out to Attic24 for putting this together and being such an inspiration.

I also want to take this opportunity to send a shout out to a couple of the crochet gurus who I’ve been benefiting from quite a bit – Bobwilson123 (Australia)- her youtube channels are where I started out, and once I graduated to written patterns I moved on to Repeat Crafter Me (USA), whose patterns I’m currently crocheting and loving.

Check out these super cute Brother & Sister hats I made using techniques I learnt from both of them.



Thank you to the crochet community for being so cozy. Here’s a great big hug to all my fellow crochet-ers around the globe. Feel free to comment with your blogs, tutorials etc. or post about ones that have inspired you.

hats03 hats02


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